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All videos were produced, shot/ animated, designed, and edited by Paul Hardt.

For more information please contact

Paul Hardt

Motion Design Demo Reel

Paul Hardt

Cinematography Demo Reel

This is EPIC

3D Rendering and animation for Opto 22

California Controlled Atmosphere

Case Study for Opto 22

What is industrial automation?

Animation video explaining what is industrial automation for Opto 22.

Product usage instruction video

For Opto 22's groov EPIC.

Concept for Opto 22 product

Automation 101 Ep2: Proximity Sensor

Tutorial series showing how to install and use Opto 22's products.

Vista Irrigation District Case Study Video

Case study for Opto 22.

Fully Automated Confetti Cannon

Fun holiday video for Opto 22

NODE-Red on groov: Internet of things

Animated technical concept explainer for Opto 22

Inova Diagnostics QUANTA Link

Product system overview for Inova Diagnostics featuring QUANTA Link.

Artist Profile: Marcus Kenney

Marcus Kenney at Lux Art Institute

Intro to Node-RED

Software tutorial for Opto 22. Now has more than 500k views.

This series is considered to be the go-to source for Node-RED tutorials.

(google "Node-RED" to see for yourself)

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