Shortly after getting my BFA I was graciously invited to teach English in the sleepy bedroom community of Katsutadai in Chiba, Japan. There I met my now wife, Pifuka.  Years later we returned to Japan for the first time as a family with our 7-year-old son.  

A photograph is an imperfect tool for capturing memory. Reality is subject to alteration through composition, editing, and printing.  However, the final printed image remains the same over time (excluding degradation of the material object - intended or not) unlike human memory which is indeed quite prone to change over time.

This series explores a personal evolution in perception of place and meaning. Time, age, and familial responsibility has altered my sense of self in the world. You Are Here is an attempt to understand what has changed and what has remained the same. 

Welcome 2014, 2002
Ghosts 2014, 2002
Trains 2014, 2002
Blossoms 2014, 2002
Station 2014, 2002
Fuji 2014, 2002
Shrine 2014, 2002
Hidden 2014, 2002
Chance 2014, 2002