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Paul Hardt is an art historian and multi media artist whose work explores the natural world and the ways in which human activity impacts and shapes it. With a diverse range of mediums at his disposal, including photography, video, animation, illustration, and traditional oil paint, Hardt's work is characterized by its versatility and innovation.


Paul's art is deeply rooted in his love of the landscape and his commitment to documenting the changing world around him. From sweeping vistas of the natural world to intimate glimpses of the human experience, Hardt's work is a testament to his passion for art and his desire to connect with others through his work.


Whether creating stunning photographs, captivating videos, or intricate illustrations, Hardt is dedicated to exploring and sharing the beauty of the world with others. His work is a celebration of the natural world and a call to action to protect and preserve it for future generations.



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Paul Hardt
Temecula, California

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